The idea behind the £10 a week challenge came to me when I thought I was going to HAVE to live off £10 a week. Then my Dad told me I wouldn't have to as they would help me out...but by then I had already started planning it all and was actually excited about it and looking forward to doing it. I decided I could make it even more worth while by doing it to raise money for charity, so then I had to make the decision about which charities. The day I planned it all was the day my step-aunty, Nakita, died. She was more like the big sister I never had, she was always there for me, and the couple of years before she died we grew really close. She was only 36 years old and died from heart failure caused by Lupus and Hughes Syndrome, hence why I am raising money for Lupus UK and the Hughes Syndrome Foundation.
I am also raising money for Home-Start Guildford, as my mum is a volunteer for them so I have seen first hand the amazing work that they do, and Tommy's - the baby charity, because I have seen so many friends and family members go through the heartbreak of losing a baby, including Nakita, and I hope that in the future by the time my children are ready to have children, miscarriage and stillbirth will be a 'rare' tragedy, instead of a common one (1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage).