Thursday, 2 June 2011


9th May - 15th May 2011
So I am now officially free from Uni! It is now officially the summer holidays! I had my last exam on Friday 13th :) And my boyfriend Chris arrived from Australia the day before on the 12th (which means I get to go out for dinner for free :P) so I'm now super happy that he's here and exams are over :) wooo!
After my final exam I went for lunch with the girls at Loco's, th
e Uni bar. They do the nicest food everrr and its super cheap!
Oh, you're also probably wondering why I've hardly brought shampoo/conditioner and deodorant this year haha...I had heaps of points on my boots card so I've been using them all up...I only have a couple of hundred left now from the thousands I had when I started :(
BUT I did buy some Frizz Ease hair product from Sainsbury's the other day because it was in the clearance section reduced from £5 or something! I even got a photo :)

£4.00 - Lunch - Loco's
£0.60 - Chocolate - Work
£1.00 - Hot chocolate - Work
£2.30 - Frizz Ease hair product - Sainsbury's
Total = £7.90

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