Thursday, 2 June 2011

Center Parcs

23rd May - 29th May 2011
This week me, my boyfriend, my best friend, her partner and my god-daughter all went on holiday together to Center Parcs at Sherwood Forest. We got a really good deal and Chris wanted to go away somewhere so he offered to pay my share...obviously I agreed! Turn down a free holiday? I don't think so! It only cost about £400 for 4 adults and an infant for 4 nights in an executive lodge! Bargain!!
We had a fantastic week and it was great to catch up with Anna, Allan and baby Rosie. She's so gorgeous, and a complete joy to be around. And she's REALLY good...she only ever cries when she's hungry or tired!
We spent loads of time in the pool (it's free :P) which Rosie loved, and then we also went on a boat ride (which she also loved...until it got cold...).
There are some photos at the bottom :)
£3.00 - boat ride - Center Parcs
£2.75 - My share of the huge ice-cream sundae at Hucks
Total = £5.75
Me and my beautiful God-daughter Rosie
The boys cooking our BBQ
Rosie loving the pool!
Me and Anna with the huuuuge ice cream sundae at Hucks that we all treated ourselves to :)
it only cost £11 for all 4 of us!

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