Thursday, 23 June 2011

You can now donate via text!

Great news! You can now donate to my Just Giving pages via text!
All you have to do is text 'TPPT70 £5' to 70070. So it's quicker and easier than ever! So no one has any excuses go donate everyone who hasn't already!! I'm still over half way off my target.
Thanks :)
The Bupa 10k Results are also up;

Thursday, 16 June 2011


So it's Thursday, and I have now officially my £10 a week charity challenge! It has been a very long 9 months...9 months of eating basic food, 9 months of not buying new clothes, 9 months of wearing leggings and a cardigan full of holes, 9 months of not being able to go out whenever I want, 9 months of not being able to spend what I want when I want, 9 months of sitting in my room watching movies online, 9 months of scrounging food of parents and friends, 9 months of desperately trying to raise as much money as possible for 4 very worthwhile charities, 9 months of explaining to people what I'm doing and why, 9 months of explaining the rules and how it works to people, 9 months of basically living in poverty...oh, and running 10k in boiling hot heat through the middle of London without my asthma inhaler.
Thank goodness it's all over!
I do still need donations! My target is £ far I've raised almost £1800 including gift aid and offline donations. So please please donate to these amazing charities! You can choose just one or you can donate to more than one. Every little helps, for example, if everyone on my Facebook friends list donated just £1, we would raise almost £600. And then if everyone suggested it to their friends, and all of their friends donated just £1, we would raise thousands!
So just think, if everyone on my friends list donated £10, we would raise almost £6000!!!
The two charities with the least amount of donations are Home-Start Guildford and Lupus UK, so if you would like to donate please donate to these two first;
So here is my very last budget list;

£2.99 - Pot of Raspberries - M&S
£3.50 - Salad - M&S
£1.50 - 2 chocolate bars - M&S
Total = £7.99
Final thoughts:
Would I ever live off a tenner a week again? Um...if I had a choice...No. It was hard. And there were times I felt like I really couldn't do it any more, but each time I felt that I just thought of the charities and why I was doing it.
Was it worth doing? Yes. It was rewarding and taught me the values of budgeting. I now know of ways to save money when shopping (using vouchers is a main one!), and I now understand when I want something compared to when I actually NEED something. So I won't be making the mistake I did in my first year of Uni where I spent money so needlessly.
Would I recommend it to others? Yes, but not for the same amount of time. It would be good to do for a month or two, just to teach people the values of budgeting and learning what you need compared to just what you want. 9 months was a huge challenge, and a very difficult one. It tests you and pushes you to your limits and is also unhealthy - I gained 3kg during the challenge because I was eating awful foods...I can't wait to buy loads of fresh fruit and veg!
So I guess this is the end. I will post more updates on how I'm finding it living off a 'normal' budget, and also how I'm getting on with the sponsorship donations. But for now, I'm off to buy some new leggings and a new cardigan so I no longer look like a tramp. Toodles x

Thursday, 9 June 2011


Just had to share that with y'all :)
I've raised almost £1800 so far, but with a target of £4000 (£1000 for each charity) I've still got a way to go yet! If you would like to donate please CLICK HERE and choose a charity to donate to. And remember you can donate to more than 1 if you feel generous ;)

Monday, 6 June 2011

10k Run and only 2 weeks left!

So I only have 2 weeks left of my £10 a week challenge! Woo!
Chris and I went back to Uni for a couple of days last week so we had to get some shopping in. Lol we went to ASDA and Chris kept putting things in the trolley that went over my £10 limit ( if I was gonna spend over £3 on Jack Daniels sauce!) so he was getting kinda annoyed when I kept making him put things back. In the end he got so fed up he just bought his own food. My Aunty later pointed out that we should have done a £20 budget instead of £10 because there were two of us.
My mum and I did the 10k run in aid of Tommy's last Monday. They were handing out free lucozade and snacks so I got loads :P
It was so tough, It was boiling hot and they only had one water station at around 3k's. I had to stop at the paramedic station half way round for a puff of someone else's asthma inhaler because I left mine at home :/ oops.
It was an amazing experience though and it was for such a good cause. Whenever I was slowing down and felt like giving up, there would be someone there cheering us on and it made me remember exactly why I was doing it. We raised over £400 for Tommy's - the baby charity, and are welcoming as many donations as possible for this amazing cause.
Tommy's research into miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth and provide help and support to those who have been affected. With 1 in 4 women losing a baby to miscarriage or stillbirth, everyone will know someone who has lost a child.
From my £10 a week challenge and the 10k run I have raised £1772.61! We're almost half way to my target of £4000, so please please keep donating :) It's for four very good causes!

£2.50 - 8 tins of tuna - ASDA
£2.50 - Lasagne dish - ASDA
£1.66 - Chicken breasts with a tomato and pepper sauce - ASDA
£0.50 - Carrot batons - ASDA
£1.00 - Mushrooms - ASDA
£0.60 - Chocolate - Work
£0.50 - Crisps - Work
Total = £9.26

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Center Parcs

23rd May - 29th May 2011
This week me, my boyfriend, my best friend, her partner and my god-daughter all went on holiday together to Center Parcs at Sherwood Forest. We got a really good deal and Chris wanted to go away somewhere so he offered to pay my share...obviously I agreed! Turn down a free holiday? I don't think so! It only cost about £400 for 4 adults and an infant for 4 nights in an executive lodge! Bargain!!
We had a fantastic week and it was great to catch up with Anna, Allan and baby Rosie. She's so gorgeous, and a complete joy to be around. And she's REALLY good...she only ever cries when she's hungry or tired!
We spent loads of time in the pool (it's free :P) which Rosie loved, and then we also went on a boat ride (which she also loved...until it got cold...).
There are some photos at the bottom :)
£3.00 - boat ride - Center Parcs
£2.75 - My share of the huge ice-cream sundae at Hucks
Total = £5.75
Me and my beautiful God-daughter Rosie
The boys cooking our BBQ
Rosie loving the pool!
Me and Anna with the huuuuge ice cream sundae at Hucks that we all treated ourselves to :)
it only cost £11 for all 4 of us!


16th May - 22nd May 2011
This week I got treated to lunch and the cinema by my boyfriend, and then we went to London, so I paid for my own ticket :P which used up most of my budget! We did heaps of free stuff when we got up there, we walked everywhere and went all over the place. Chris was really mean and took me into Harrods and up Oxford Street...but obviously I couldn't buy anything, which was very frustrating.
This week also marked 1 month until I finish!! Only 1 month left! I can't believe I've been doing this for 8's actually gone pretty quick :/
£8.80 - Train ticket
£0.60 - Chocolate - Work
Total = £9.40


9th May - 15th May 2011
So I am now officially free from Uni! It is now officially the summer holidays! I had my last exam on Friday 13th :) And my boyfriend Chris arrived from Australia the day before on the 12th (which means I get to go out for dinner for free :P) so I'm now super happy that he's here and exams are over :) wooo!
After my final exam I went for lunch with the girls at Loco's, th
e Uni bar. They do the nicest food everrr and its super cheap!
Oh, you're also probably wondering why I've hardly brought shampoo/conditioner and deodorant this year haha...I had heaps of points on my boots card so I've been using them all up...I only have a couple of hundred left now from the thousands I had when I started :(
BUT I did buy some Frizz Ease hair product from Sainsbury's the other day because it was in the clearance section reduced from £5 or something! I even got a photo :)

£4.00 - Lunch - Loco's
£0.60 - Chocolate - Work
£1.00 - Hot chocolate - Work
£2.30 - Frizz Ease hair product - Sainsbury's
Total = £7.90


2nd May - 8th May 2011
So after months of searching and waiting, ASDA FINALLY do tinned figs in syrup! Yummyyyy!!! I got 2 tins :) they're only 80p each! Was so excited when I saw them on the shelf...which is kinda sad. But hey, that has what my life has become from living on a shoestring...getting excited about cheap but yummy food.
Now that I'm back home for the summer I'm not spending money on food, so hopefully I might be able to treat myself a bit :) I'm back at Uni ever so often just for a night or so, which is why I got the spaghetti and meatballs...I'm lazy and couldn't be bothered to cook.
£1.60 - 2 tins of figs - ASDA
£1.30 - Spaghetti and meatballs - Tesco
£0.60 - Chocolate - Chocolate from work
£5.00 - DVD - HMV
Total = £8.50

Healthy start :)

25th-1st April 2011
I was determined to have a healthy week, so I went into Sainsos and just went straight to the things on my list. I didnt go anywhere near the cookies or chocolate! Unfortunately my healthy week only lasted a week.... :/
£1.00 - Carrot Batons - Sainburys
£1.35 - Rye bread - Sainsburys
£1.89 - Basics chicken slices - Sainsburys
£1.39 - Basics Avocado x 4 - Sainsburys
£0.65 - Wheatbran breadsticks - Sainsburys
Total = £6.28