Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The Wave Stone

So because I'm back at home for the Easter Holidays, I've been able to spend money on things others than food for my fridge! I went out for dinner with a couple of friends last week, we went to Zizzi's and used a voucher :) With the voucher we shared a starter (dough sticks - yummmmyy), and then I had a pizza...with extra avocado :P We stuck to tap water, so the bill with the voucher only came to £8 each! I worked quite a bit last week, and then I also filmed an advert with a friend (I directed, she filmed) for the new 'Wave Stone' product that's being released next month :) we're now in the process of editing. So I will keep you all updated on that! You can also get updates by joining the Wave Stone facebook page - clickon the following link; (Yes it looks really dodgy...but I promise it's a massage stone. And strictly for external use only.)
£1.89 - Lunch at work
£8.00 - Dinner with friends
Total = £9.89

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