Wednesday, 27 April 2011

My Birthday!

Well last Monday (April 18th) was my 20th birthday! I feel old...and my boyfriend was so lovely as to remind me I'm half way to being 40...
Anyway, my mum took me and my brother (dad was working) to Portsmouth (gunwharf quays) for the day, where all I bought was foundation, seeing as mine had just run out. Then we went out for a family dinner in the evening which was lovely, aand after that I went out into town with the girls :) I was on tap water but then i was bought something a bit stronger lol!
Apart from working I've been study for my exam next week. I can't do it. I hate exams...I'm awful under pressure and can never remember anything I've learnt. I just freeze as soon as I enter the room and my brain becomes a big foggy mess!
Oh, and we also finished the Wave Stone advert! So I will put that up when the website goes live next month :)
£9.29 - Foundation - Boots
Total = £9.29

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  1. Good luck for the rest of the challenge! It is very inspirational and will no doubt benefit you as well, as you'll appreciate things even more now you know what it is like "going without" :)