Thursday, 21 April 2011

Easter holidays!

Well....I can't remember what I spent last week. I have a weird feeling I didn't spend any money...I can't remember handing over any cash, and I've checked my bank statements to see if I used my card at all and I haven't used it for weeks :/ Confused!!
So I'm afraid you're gonna have to wait until I remember for the budget section!
All I did last week was work, go running, and edit The Wave Stone advert...hmm...*trying to remember what I spent money on*
Usually I write it all down in a notebook...but for some reason I didn't last week...which also makes me wonder if I spent anything!
Well, apart from apparently not spending any money, I'm enjoying the Easter Holidays and being back home :) home comforts are good. And it was my birthday on Monday...but I will tell you about that in next weeks post.
OH! I just remembered!! I bought a bag of dried figs for £1.38 from Tesco's! And I had lunch with a friend on the day we were editing :)
I can't remember exactly how much lunch cost...I just remember it was under £ I'll just put it down as £5.
£1.38 - 250g Dried Figs - Tesco
£5.00 - Lunch - Uni Canteen
Total = £6.38

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