Friday, 1 April 2011

Bowling and ASDA!

Oh wow. I can't remember what I did last week. Umm...ok, freaking out.
Well I remember going to ASDA for my food shopping...aaaand, oh yeh and I went into town and wandered round looking longingly into shop windows. But I did get some gifts, which cheered me up...even though the items aren't for me. And then I had work, and Uni, and the rest of the time I walked the dog, went running and watched movies lol! Oh yeh and I went bowling with the work crew! Because we work at the Gym in Guildford Spectrum, we get bowling for only £1 per person per game, and we had 2 games, so that only cost £2, which suited my budget very nicely :) so I had a lovely evening out with everyone.
£1.86 - Bag of grated cheese - ASDA
£1.33 - Chicken Korma with rice - ASDA
£2.00 - BBQ Chicken Pizza - ASDA
£2.00 - 2 games of bowling - Guildford Spectrum
£0.89 - Ice cream - Wimpy
£1.00 - Weight Watchers cookies (x18) - Poundland
Total = £9.08

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