Tuesday, 8 March 2011

World Book Night

This week has been brilliant! I've got so many new books...and they only cost me £5.10! On Sunday at Waterstones they were giving out FREE books for their World Book Night 2011...I got two, 'Agent ZigZag' and 'Love in the Time of Cholera'. And then today British Bookshops had 70% off all books because they're closing down this Thursday due to Administration. So I was very excited to find a clothbound hardcover puffin classic of Peter Pan, for only £3 reduced from £10! And it's RRP is £12.99! So I basically got £10 off it. And then I also got a Nicholas Sparks book 'A Message in a Bottle'. They came to a total of £5.10 so I'm even considering going back in tomorrow to see what else I can find! I'm spending the majority of this week at home anyway so I'm tempted just to spend my whole £10 budget on books. Anyway, so that's this week. But last week I didn't spend anything on food either because again I was home all week. I'm getting so lazy with being at Uni, so the only way I actually go out running and training for our 10k run is with my Mum dragging me out of the house every night. I really need to get the balance right between living at Uni AND training by going out running. I think I'm just gonna have to get the girls to drag me out the house and lock me out to make me run. I just don't really fancy running around Hillingdon and Uxbridge...I'm kinda scared my trainers will get nicked :/ Basically I need to start living at Uni again and spending money on food...coz I kinda feel guilty not doing that :S I've just been really down the past few weeks about not being able to treat myself and spend any money...so it's been nice spending money on myself for once instead of on food. Also, do you think I should include charity donations in my £10 a week budget!? I'll put a new poll up so you can all decide... Here's a couple of photos of my new books and my very pretty Peter Pan book :) So anyway, last week's budget was;
  • £5.00 - I sponsored my friend Ross who ran the Bath Half in aid of MERGE
  • £0.60 - A pack of Mentos
  • £1.10 - Car Park fee
= £6.70

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