Monday, 14 March 2011

Fed up with living off a tenner a week

So I guess I told you about my most exciting event from last week in my previous blog post. I got 2 books for a total of £5.10 from British Bookshops in their closing down sale! So I'm afraid I haven't got much else to tell you, other than the training for the Bupa 10k is going...ok. I'm still having problems with my ghetto bum...and my asthma's been playing up, so I'm off to get a new inhaler tomorrow :)
Also I'm a bit worried because I've been getting chest pains and heart palpitations/flutters?! It's really annoying and uncomfortable! Hmm...I'll ask the doc when I go to get my inhaler tomorrow. Also I'm really annoyed that my blog has all of a sudden stopped letting me use's quite happy to let me have paragraphs when I'm writing or editing a when I publish it it ignores my paragraphs and bunches it all together :(
I've also been finding it really difficult to not spend money...and I'm kinda getting fed up with this whole living off £10 a week thing. I miss things like going to concerts, getting my eyebrows done (personally I love it and I actually find it a relaxing 10minute luxury for me), going out for dinner with friends, or going into London whenever I want. I've discovered I can buy books with my budget, and I guess if I really wanted I could go to Primark for cheap clothes...but to be honest I have so many clothes I just don't need any new ones at the moment so I'm still wearing what I bought a year or two ago. So it's more the big 'looking forward' to things and events I miss. I'm just bored with everything right now and need something to look forward to.
Good news - so far I've raised £922.58 including gift aid.
Big thanks this week to Adam Read for his very generous donation, and also Nick and Karen Chapman.
Also, last week I watched a TV programme called '23 Week Babies -The Price of Life' literally reduced me to tears...I was bawling my eyes out! It's on BBC iplayer for you to watch, and even if you just watch the first 10 minutes it will make you realize why we need to raise money for Tommy's. We need to help Tommy's raise money so they can carry out research to try and prevent babies from being born so early to give them a better chance of survival.
You can only watch it in the next couple of days though before it's 7 days is up and it gets taken off iplayer.
£2.10 - Book
£3.00 - Book
£0.60 - Chocolate Bar
£0.80 - Special K Bar
= £6.50

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