Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Comic Relief Week

So last week was Red Nose Day (Comic Relief)...this has absolutely nothing to do with my challenge...I didn't even watch it because I was working all night, but I did see this video. Peter Kay and Susan Boyle. Awesome. Fantastic. Hilarious. Amazing.
I love Peter Kay so much...he NEVER disappoints! Everything he does is incredibly funny and has my rolling on the floor clutching my stomach from laughter.
So anyway, last week I had to re-stock my fridge (£6.51 to fill it), which ate up most of my budget :( But I did have some money left over to buy myself an ice cream at work, and also a bar of chocolate :P Which I shouldn't have done...but I've been working so much lately I needed it.
Last week not a lot happened...I just worked a lot and went to Uni.
I've posted a photo of Eric Elephants below my budget, so you can all see them and go buy them...they're amazing. They're the same as M&S's Percy Pigs, but instead of being £1.29 or something stupid, they're only 39p and taste even better!
Also, I'd just like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has donated the past couple of weeks! I'm so overwhelmed by people's generosity and so grateful. A couple of hours ago we hit the £1000 mark! So we're a quarter of the way there :)
£0.76 - Bag of 7 pears - Sainsos
£0.45 - Milk - Sainsos
£0.59 - Crumpets - Sainsos
£1.00 - 2 Bags of 5 cookies (so 10 in total)...they were doing buy 1 get 1 free!!! - Sainsos
£0.29 - 4 Basics Fruit Yoghurts - Sainsos
£1.33 - Box of 5 Cheez Dippers - Sainsos
£1.00 - 5 bananas - Sainsos
£0.70 - 4 Baking Potatoes - Sainsos
£0.39 - Eric Elephants - Sainsos
£0.89 - Ice Cream - Wimpy's
£0.60 - Chocolate - Work vending machine
= £8.00

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