Saturday, 8 January 2011


So whilst doing all these essays recently, a procrastination method I have discovered is to make videos using windows movie maker :P
I guess I can argue that actually it isn't procrastination and is actually beneficial to practise as much as possible seeing as I'm a media student. It was actually a friend of mine who fed me the idea, because he has this theory about social media and how vital it is to everything we do now. I've tried the social media sources of facebook, twitter and I thought I could create an 'advert' to try out youtube. You know, a bit like those charity ad's you see on television...only less miserable and sombre. Which is why I chose music that sounds happy (Jason Mraz - Love for a child, in case you're wondering)...but the lyrics are actually very meaningful, so listen out for the lyrics as well as read the statistics etc! :)
The first one I have done is an advert for Home-Start, and then if it has any effect or people like it, then I'll create one's for the other charities as well. So take a look and let me know what you think - all comments will be welcome...good or bad! Enjoy :)

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