Thursday, 6 January 2011

Back from the Land Down under

I'm back! After 4 weeks rest and relaxation back home in the sunshine I'm back to the miserable, cold, grey Blighty. Ugh. And I'm currently procrastinating from my SPSS essay :( I actually hate SPSS with a passion!!! It's pretty much ruining my life right now and I wish it would just go die in a hole so I can get on to reading Stephen Fry's new autobiography (a xmas presie).
Well Australia was amazing as always, and while I was away I became a Godmother and 'Aunty Catherine' to a beautiful baby girl called Rosie Elin :) she's such a cutie and I can't wait to spoil her rotten...after all...that's what godmothers are for...right? :P
The only thing I dislike about Australia is they have truly crap mince pies! I really should be a mince pie critic after the amount I tested while I was over there...and in the end I had to settle for Mr Kipling, which I usually can't stand over here. The flights were pretty rubbish too...Singapore Airlines have gone downhill A LOT. In future I'm sticking with Emirates...even though I prefer Changi airport to Dubai airport. I got back to Blight Tuesday evening, and I've been suffering really badly from jetlag this time, I went to bed at 7pm last night, and woke up at 1am...and then couldn't get back to sleep.
I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year, mine was pretty good...I got awesome presents, most of which are things that will come in very handy with my £10 challenge (books, dvds, a skipping rope, chocolate, gift cards, make-up, beauty products, new ugg boots etc). Chris got an underwater camera for xmas so there's a photo below of me testing it out :)

Also I'm back to my £10 a week challenge, it started again yesterday and I reckon I did a pretty good job of re-stocking my fridge on under £10 :) but I'll tell you all about that on Monday.
I'm hoping more people will start donating when I hit the half way mark, because I'm feeling like a bit of a failure right now. I just feel like I'm failing the charities, having only raised £123 since September...when my aim is £4000. They mean so much to me I really want to help make a difference for them. I'm thinking of doing the Royal Parks half marathon this year as well...but I'll see how my £10 challenge goes first. If I get enough sponsorship for my £10 challenge then I'll do the half marathon as well. I'm just so grateful to those people who have actually donated and sponsored me...if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have the motivation to keep going, so thank you so much!

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