Tuesday, 26 October 2010

1 Month Later

So I have survived my first month, only 8 more to go! Last week was a lot healthier than the previous weeks, although I did cheat slightly because I went home Thursday lunchtime instead of Friday, but that was due to my 'little' brother's 15th (ahh I feel old) birthday. I was supposed to go home on Friday but my mum phoned me and asked if I would be able to go back on the Thursday because he got upset over the thought of me not being there for the second year running :P I felt so loved when she told me that!
I also snacked a lot less this week, and only spent £7.49....which included a trip to the cinema! I usually love going to the cinema and usually go all the time, so I've found it difficult not being able to go whenever I want. I went with one of my best friends from Aus, Caitlin, who is travelling at the moment, and we went to see 'Life as we know it', it was a great film and I would definitely recommend it, it's just a classic feel good cute comedy :) It only cost us £3.20 each because we went on Wednesday and used 'Orange Wednesdays' (buy 1 get 1 free on Wednesdays if you're with the 'orange' phone company). It was great to get out and we even treated ourselves to a Mcdonalds....unfortunately because it was the only thing we could afford to eat, not because we wanted to! How sad!
So I mainly ate freezer and cupboard food last week, but I did realize that I didn't have ANY sweet food whatsoever, just savoury, and with my sweet tooth I went and bought some Jammie Dodgers and Shortbread. I was also very proud of myself last week because I used my slow cooker for the very first time (I've had it over a year!), I cooked a sausage casserole...and it would have tasted delicious, had I put 1 vegie stock cube in...instead of 3! The recipe told me to use plenty of stock!!!
And I'm happy to say that I have lost another kilo, it must be thanks to all this having to walk to uni and back every day! I have been very tempted by the bus a couple of times though, especially today because it was pouring with rain and I left my umbrella at home at the weekend :( BUT I resisted the comfort, warmth and shelter of a bus....and instead ran home!
I also have a cold this week, but as this is to do with this week, I'll tell you all about that next week.



£1 - Large pack of Jammie Dodgers - Poundland
£1 - Large pack of shortbread - Poundland
£2.29 - Maccas happy meal
£3.20 - Cinema
= £7.49


Breakfast - Cereal - Blueberry Wheats with milk
Lunch - Pitta bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar
Dinner - Sausage Casserole with vegie stock, chickpeas, lentils, garlic, tomatoes, sausages and rice.
Snacks - Rice Pudding

Breakfast - Cereal - Blueberry Wheats with milk
Lunch - Small jacket potato with cheese
Dinner - Tuna and potato fishcakes with green beans
Snacks - Apple

Breakfast - Cereal - Blueberry wheats with milk
Lunch - Maccas happy meal :(
Dinner - Gnocci with creamy sauce and green beans
Snacks - Jammie Dodgers :P

Breakfast - Cereal - Blueberry Wheats with milk
Lunch - Went Home

Was at home.

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