Messages of Support

After receiving all of these lovely messages via email and Facebook, I decided to set up a Guestbook form, which you can now find at the bottom of this page. So feel free to leave me a message if you wish :)

'I'm sure nakita is very proud of wot yr doin x x ...most people wouldn't even attempt sumfin like this. yr heart's in the rite place x x' - Paula Burton

'well done for doing such a amazing thing for these charities. This is a wonderful gesture.' - Eva-Maria Catina

'What a great thing to do. Good luck.' - James Cousins

'Good luck in your fundraising and thank you for choosing to support Tommy's.' - Tommy's Charity

'mum reckons your doing a good job! 8D xx' - Jennifer Eland

'i think it is an amazing thing you are doing.' - Claire Connor

'I'm following this with interest Catherine - remember you can come
 to us for a meal or whatever whenever you are in Guildford xx' - 
Claire Whitbourn

'Good luck from John, Sarah, Hannah, Emily Parker' - Parker family

'good of you to do this well done' -  Esther Wielopolski

'well done to you and I hope that you do well' - Suzanne Pettit

'what you are doing is really great :) not everyone is able to do such thing. Is definitely better to give than to receive :) God bless you!' - Zozo Triano

'I personally would like to wish you all the luck in the world with your attempt... I will try to follow progress as you go, and will certainly be making a personal donation in support.' - Dawn Barnett

'thats good. well done all the best and you're doing a great thing. xx' - Eleanor Hughes

'Good luck and please let me know how you are travelling with the challenge.  An amazing “seek justice” inspiration to others...Well done Catherine. We are all so proud of you.' - Anna Gingell

'You go girl!' - Robin Rathbone

'What you're doing is so cool! Good luck and stick at it :)' - Rachel Scott-Thompson

'this is amazing catherine, well done and good luck :)' - Cat Wayland

'Well done Catherine for your charitable endeavors.' - Una Gordon

'I hope you reach your target. You don't know me but I also have Hughes Syndrome and want to say well done!' - Kay Thackray

'Best wishes for your fund-raising endeavours' - Stephen Fry and his tweet team

'Good luck Catherine. I Hope you're writing a book about your thrifty ways. Could be a best seller!' - Ruth Jubert

'Good Luck from Patch, Frankie & John, Petrina Steve and Caitlin. xxx' - Grandad and family

'Catherine, saw your poster at Spectrum gym today and was inspired to donate. I am a nearly qualified PT, I can help you run 10k if you like!' - Jo Gumbley

'WOW well done you, big yourself up xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' - Kerry Jones

'Amazing!! Thanks for sticking to your plan Catherine - it must be difficult but so worth it :) x' - Kate Hindle

'I think its fantastic what you're doing! I'm going to come back tomorrow and read back through your blog!' - Emma Sheppard

'Hiya hun just want to say I think ur fantastic raising money for these charities I know I cudnt do 10pound a week and being a sufferer of miscarriage, having hughes and now recently found out I have lupus, I think ur an remarkable woman raising money and a inspiration. Gud luck with it and well done so much love and hugs I send to u x x' - Ellen McDowell 

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