What does the £10 a week budget have to include?
It must include everything apart from rent and bills. Bills include household bills, internet bills, and University book bills ( Uni books cost around £30-£50 each!)

What about the money you earn from working?
To be honest when I first started planning this I didn't think of that, and since people have asked me I've had to start thinking of what I'm going to do. Personally I can't afford to give all of my earnings to Charity because obviously I need to put it towards my future, so I need people to let me know what they think I should do...should I put it all into my savings, or should I give some of my wages to the charities? Please bear in mind I don't actually earn that much though...
I work at the Guildford Lido on Saturdays and at the Guildford Spectrum Energy Level Gym on Sundays and love it!! So when May 2011 is here make sure you come down to the Lido and go for a swim, or come down to the gym throughout the year and say Hi :)

How can I donate?
You can donate via 'Just Giving'. The links are on the blog, and because I'm doing it through Just Giving the money goes directly to the charities, it doesn't come through me so it makes it easier. You can donate from all over the world, all you need is a debit or credit card, or you can use paypal. Go to the following link where you can choose which charity you would like to donate to;

Why are you doing this?
In memory of my Aunty, who was only 36 when she died suddenly in August 2010, and also in support of friends and family (including my Aunty, as she had Hughes syndrome) in memory of their babies. You can find out more by reading my first and third blog posts from September 2010 :)

What's the point?
Because I would like to make a difference...my favourite quote at the moment describes it perfectly; 'We make a living from what we get, but we make a life by what we give'.

What about fuel costs?
Luckily my dad pays my insurance for me, and because it costs a lot more to have my car's insurance registered in London than it does in Guildford, I'm only allowed to have it at University a couple of months of the year. And because I have work every weekend back in Guildford my parents have told me they will pick me up from University and drive me back to Guildford every weekend so I'm still able to work, just like they did last year before I passed my test. So I will only be driving from home to work twice a week, and because work is only a 4 minute drive and my car uses hardly any fuel, a full tank will probably last me at least half the year.

What about Christmas?
Basically this year everyone's Christmas presents are going to have to be from boots :) haha, I have A LOT of points on my advantage card so I'll use those instead of money to buy Christmas presents.

How are you going to do this for 9 months?
If I'm completely honest I will actually only be living off £10 a week for 8 months, because over Christmas I will be back in Australia for 4 weeks. My ticket was booked last February using my frequent flyer miles, and because of the exchange rate and the cost of living in Australia, £10 will only buy me a block of cheese and an iced chocolate. I was considering trying to live of £10 a week while I'm out there, but my family and friends are worried about my health as it is, so they suggested that I have a short break while I'm out there and start back as soon as I get home. But if you disagree, let me know! I want to know how everyone feels about it and if you think this is the right decision.

How are you going to do it?
Easy! I've worked it out and food is actually pretty cheap if you know where to go. I will be posting every week, maybe even every day, letting everyone know exactly what I've been buying, how much it cost, and also what I've been eating.

What if you want to go out?
Well then I'll have to do free things! If I want to go clubbing I can go in Guildford before 10pm when it's free at Casino, and Spoons is obviously free. Also, if I want to go to the cinema I will have to wait for Orange Wednesdays and go when it's off peak, and either be the free person...or split the cost with a friend so it will only be about £3.

What about alcohol?
I don't drink. I'm a tap water baby :) I sometimes have an odd malibu and coke if I'm feeling daring, but generally I don't like alcohol. Now I hear you ask....What? Why?....well, a couple of years ago I had a VERY bad incident. I won't go into details, but what happened scared me so much it put me off alcohol for life.

What about sport?
As most of my family and friends know, I'm not the biggest fan of sport. I do love going to the gym though, and I also love Sailing! Luckily because I work at the Lido I can use the gym there for £1, or I can use the gym at the Spectrum for £1. I can also use the pool for free at the Spectrum. Unfortunately because it costs £35 for a yearly membership for Brunel Uni sailing, I won't be able to do that this year...but when I'm back in Australia at Christmas I will be making up for it!! It's handy having a sailor boyfriend :P

What if you want to go into London?
Then I'll have to save up. It costs £5 to get into Central after 10am, so I'll have to put £1 aside from the £10 budget for 5 weeks or £2 a week aside for 3 weeks etc so I can go, or if I don't have much food to buy that week then I can just use half of my weekly budget to go.