Wednesday, 27 April 2011

My Birthday!

Well last Monday (April 18th) was my 20th birthday! I feel old...and my boyfriend was so lovely as to remind me I'm half way to being 40...
Anyway, my mum took me and my brother (dad was working) to Portsmouth (gunwharf quays) for the day, where all I bought was foundation, seeing as mine had just run out. Then we went out for a family dinner in the evening which was lovely, aand after that I went out into town with the girls :) I was on tap water but then i was bought something a bit stronger lol!
Apart from working I've been study for my exam next week. I can't do it. I hate exams...I'm awful under pressure and can never remember anything I've learnt. I just freeze as soon as I enter the room and my brain becomes a big foggy mess!
Oh, and we also finished the Wave Stone advert! So I will put that up when the website goes live next month :)
£9.29 - Foundation - Boots
Total = £9.29

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Easter holidays!

Well....I can't remember what I spent last week. I have a weird feeling I didn't spend any money...I can't remember handing over any cash, and I've checked my bank statements to see if I used my card at all and I haven't used it for weeks :/ Confused!!
So I'm afraid you're gonna have to wait until I remember for the budget section!
All I did last week was work, go running, and edit The Wave Stone advert...hmm...*trying to remember what I spent money on*
Usually I write it all down in a notebook...but for some reason I didn't last week...which also makes me wonder if I spent anything!
Well, apart from apparently not spending any money, I'm enjoying the Easter Holidays and being back home :) home comforts are good. And it was my birthday on Monday...but I will tell you about that in next weeks post.
OH! I just remembered!! I bought a bag of dried figs for £1.38 from Tesco's! And I had lunch with a friend on the day we were editing :)
I can't remember exactly how much lunch cost...I just remember it was under £ I'll just put it down as £5.
£1.38 - 250g Dried Figs - Tesco
£5.00 - Lunch - Uni Canteen
Total = £6.38

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The Wave Stone

So because I'm back at home for the Easter Holidays, I've been able to spend money on things others than food for my fridge! I went out for dinner with a couple of friends last week, we went to Zizzi's and used a voucher :) With the voucher we shared a starter (dough sticks - yummmmyy), and then I had a pizza...with extra avocado :P We stuck to tap water, so the bill with the voucher only came to £8 each! I worked quite a bit last week, and then I also filmed an advert with a friend (I directed, she filmed) for the new 'Wave Stone' product that's being released next month :) we're now in the process of editing. So I will keep you all updated on that! You can also get updates by joining the Wave Stone facebook page - clickon the following link; (Yes it looks really dodgy...but I promise it's a massage stone. And strictly for external use only.)
£1.89 - Lunch at work
£8.00 - Dinner with friends
Total = £9.89

Friday, 1 April 2011

Alex Rider - The Final Chapter

28th March - 3rd April
So since I was about 11 years old I've been really into a book series called the 'Alex Rider' series. Some of you may have read the books. Like Harry Potter, I've grown up with the books. Each year I've waited patiently for the next one to come out, bought the new book as soon as it was released, and then stopped whatever I was doing or had planned to read it. A lot of people grow out of books, but I became so hooked on these that I never grew out of them, I just grew up with them :)
So my excitement at seeing the new book advertised in Waterstones last week, turned to sadness as I realized it was the last one. It was half price if I pre-ordered it so instead of £6.99 it was £3.49. And I even got another free book with it!
I went to pick it up last Thursday morning, as soon as it came into store, and nearly started crying as the guy handed it to me...all I could think was, 'this is the very last time I will buy one of these childhood has ended'.
The Harry Potter books finished a couple of years back when I still considered myself a 'child', but with my 20th birthday coming up in a couple of weeks....I just couldn't help but feel like my childhood was officially over. It's strange how a character in a book can have such a huge influence on your life. My mum got me started on the books when I was certain I wanted to work for MI5 when I was older....the books actually changed my mind, as I realized I could never be a secret agent when I was terrified of heights!
But from the very first chapter of 'Stormbreaker', I was well and truly hooked. The only negative about the books is they all have different covers, instead of being continuous...which really annoys me, because then they don't look good on my bookshelf.
I have all 9 books proudly displayed on my book shelf;
Point Blanc,
Skeleton Key,
Eagle Strike,
Ark Angel,
Crocodile Tears,
Scorpia Rising
I finished the book on Saturday - it was amazing. And so sad. I won't give away any spoilers lol. But I'm glad it had a 'sort of' happy ending :)
Also, my mum and I ran/walked 2.9 miles last week! It took us 40 minutes, and we ran half and walked half :) So that's half way to the 6 miles (10k) we need to do at the end of May. We did ruin it afterwards mum treated me to a Burger King :/
How could I say no!? I haven't been able to afford a Burger King since last summer because it's so expensive now!
The rest of the week I basically worked full time at the Spectrum, as it's now the Easter Holidays!! So I'll be at home even more :)
I didn't actually do anything else last week apart from work :( how sad!
£2.41 - Dinner at work
£0.89 - Ice cream - Wimpy
£3.49 - Book - Waterstones
Total = £6.79

Bowling and ASDA!

Oh wow. I can't remember what I did last week. Umm...ok, freaking out.
Well I remember going to ASDA for my food shopping...aaaand, oh yeh and I went into town and wandered round looking longingly into shop windows. But I did get some gifts, which cheered me up...even though the items aren't for me. And then I had work, and Uni, and the rest of the time I walked the dog, went running and watched movies lol! Oh yeh and I went bowling with the work crew! Because we work at the Gym in Guildford Spectrum, we get bowling for only £1 per person per game, and we had 2 games, so that only cost £2, which suited my budget very nicely :) so I had a lovely evening out with everyone.
£1.86 - Bag of grated cheese - ASDA
£1.33 - Chicken Korma with rice - ASDA
£2.00 - BBQ Chicken Pizza - ASDA
£2.00 - 2 games of bowling - Guildford Spectrum
£0.89 - Ice cream - Wimpy
£1.00 - Weight Watchers cookies (x18) - Poundland
Total = £9.08