Friday, 4 March 2011

Problems with my 'Ghetto' bum

My mum and I have been training for our Bupa 10,000 run in May. It's 10k's which is just over 6 miles. We're struggling. Ha! We're not the most athletic people in the world and in the past I have done everything possible to get out of doing sport...especially running. One time I was so determined not to do PE at school that I 'accidentally' lost a sock...and then myself and my bestie Emma spent the entire double period sitting in the showers pinging hairbands against the walls and playing 'MASH' to pass the time :P So yes, I'm not a big fan or sport. Or anything that needs real physical effort. Unless you're getting something out of it I don't see the point, I just don't enjoy it. I do however, enjoy swimming, tennis, sailing and ice skating. I skated for about 6 years, and completed grades 1-10 in ice-skating and got my bronze, silver and gold, and then I swam for about 8 years, and I completed all of my swimming 'badges' and survival things or whatever. I actually used to be really active...but then I got lazy and now I just do everything for fun every so often instead of every day of every week. 

But anyway, this 10k run is all for a good cause, so it's different...although that doesn't mean I'm enjoying the stitches, knee pain, period cramps and breathlessness thanks to my asthma. If anyone can tell me why exactly I get period pains every time I run...that would be most helpful!? It's rather annoying and painful having them when I don't even need them... I'm not exactly a natural runner...I'm asthmatic, I have knee problems, but worst of all, I have a 'ghetto' bum. The most painful and uncomfortable thing about this running thing is my bum wobbling every time I run. My 'ghetto' bum doesn't cause me any problems in day to day fact I actually like it. But's a nightmare! It seriously needs its own sports bra. At times its been so uncomfortable I've had to run along holding it. So if you happen to pass by the merrow/guildford area and see a girl wearing bright pink trainers clutching her's me. Wondering what a ghetto bum is? I'm not quite sure...but my flatmates last year exclaimed 'you've got a right ghetto bum!' when I was lying on the floor in the hallway one day (yes...this was a common occurance in Flat 52 in Gordon Hall). I think they mean it looks like a beyonce/JLO type of bum. Shame it's not as toned though. And I can't shake it like Beyonce can...believe me...I've tried. Emma will tell you. So yes that's how our training's going right now. I'll keep you updated...maybe the more I train the less my bum will wobble. Also...if anyone knows if there is such thing as a 'bum sports bra'...please let me know.


  1. I have this exact 'ghetto bum' + running problem - did you ever find a bum sports bra or did the bum wobble decrease as you kept running?

    Hope you made it to your 10k!

    1. Haha, it's so annoying isn't it!! Unfortunately I never found one, and the wobble never decreased either :(

      Completed the 10k in an hour and a half (I'm a slow runner...hehe) :) -