Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Comic Relief Week

So last week was Red Nose Day (Comic Relief)...this has absolutely nothing to do with my challenge...I didn't even watch it because I was working all night, but I did see this video. Peter Kay and Susan Boyle. Awesome. Fantastic. Hilarious. Amazing.
I love Peter Kay so much...he NEVER disappoints! Everything he does is incredibly funny and has my rolling on the floor clutching my stomach from laughter.
So anyway, last week I had to re-stock my fridge (£6.51 to fill it), which ate up most of my budget :( But I did have some money left over to buy myself an ice cream at work, and also a bar of chocolate :P Which I shouldn't have done...but I've been working so much lately I needed it.
Last week not a lot happened...I just worked a lot and went to Uni.
I've posted a photo of Eric Elephants below my budget, so you can all see them and go buy them...they're amazing. They're the same as M&S's Percy Pigs, but instead of being £1.29 or something stupid, they're only 39p and taste even better!
Also, I'd just like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has donated the past couple of weeks! I'm so overwhelmed by people's generosity and so grateful. A couple of hours ago we hit the £1000 mark! So we're a quarter of the way there :)
£0.76 - Bag of 7 pears - Sainsos
£0.45 - Milk - Sainsos
£0.59 - Crumpets - Sainsos
£1.00 - 2 Bags of 5 cookies (so 10 in total)...they were doing buy 1 get 1 free!!! - Sainsos
£0.29 - 4 Basics Fruit Yoghurts - Sainsos
£1.33 - Box of 5 Cheez Dippers - Sainsos
£1.00 - 5 bananas - Sainsos
£0.70 - 4 Baking Potatoes - Sainsos
£0.39 - Eric Elephants - Sainsos
£0.89 - Ice Cream - Wimpy's
£0.60 - Chocolate - Work vending machine
= £8.00

Monday, 14 March 2011

Fed up with living off a tenner a week

So I guess I told you about my most exciting event from last week in my previous blog post. I got 2 books for a total of £5.10 from British Bookshops in their closing down sale! So I'm afraid I haven't got much else to tell you, other than the training for the Bupa 10k is going...ok. I'm still having problems with my ghetto bum...and my asthma's been playing up, so I'm off to get a new inhaler tomorrow :)
Also I'm a bit worried because I've been getting chest pains and heart palpitations/flutters?! It's really annoying and uncomfortable! Hmm...I'll ask the doc when I go to get my inhaler tomorrow. Also I'm really annoyed that my blog has all of a sudden stopped letting me use's quite happy to let me have paragraphs when I'm writing or editing a when I publish it it ignores my paragraphs and bunches it all together :(
I've also been finding it really difficult to not spend money...and I'm kinda getting fed up with this whole living off £10 a week thing. I miss things like going to concerts, getting my eyebrows done (personally I love it and I actually find it a relaxing 10minute luxury for me), going out for dinner with friends, or going into London whenever I want. I've discovered I can buy books with my budget, and I guess if I really wanted I could go to Primark for cheap clothes...but to be honest I have so many clothes I just don't need any new ones at the moment so I'm still wearing what I bought a year or two ago. So it's more the big 'looking forward' to things and events I miss. I'm just bored with everything right now and need something to look forward to.
Good news - so far I've raised £922.58 including gift aid.
Big thanks this week to Adam Read for his very generous donation, and also Nick and Karen Chapman.
Also, last week I watched a TV programme called '23 Week Babies -The Price of Life' literally reduced me to tears...I was bawling my eyes out! It's on BBC iplayer for you to watch, and even if you just watch the first 10 minutes it will make you realize why we need to raise money for Tommy's. We need to help Tommy's raise money so they can carry out research to try and prevent babies from being born so early to give them a better chance of survival.
You can only watch it in the next couple of days though before it's 7 days is up and it gets taken off iplayer.
£2.10 - Book
£3.00 - Book
£0.60 - Chocolate Bar
£0.80 - Special K Bar
= £6.50

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

World Book Night

This week has been brilliant! I've got so many new books...and they only cost me £5.10! On Sunday at Waterstones they were giving out FREE books for their World Book Night 2011...I got two, 'Agent ZigZag' and 'Love in the Time of Cholera'. And then today British Bookshops had 70% off all books because they're closing down this Thursday due to Administration. So I was very excited to find a clothbound hardcover puffin classic of Peter Pan, for only £3 reduced from £10! And it's RRP is £12.99! So I basically got £10 off it. And then I also got a Nicholas Sparks book 'A Message in a Bottle'. They came to a total of £5.10 so I'm even considering going back in tomorrow to see what else I can find! I'm spending the majority of this week at home anyway so I'm tempted just to spend my whole £10 budget on books. Anyway, so that's this week. But last week I didn't spend anything on food either because again I was home all week. I'm getting so lazy with being at Uni, so the only way I actually go out running and training for our 10k run is with my Mum dragging me out of the house every night. I really need to get the balance right between living at Uni AND training by going out running. I think I'm just gonna have to get the girls to drag me out the house and lock me out to make me run. I just don't really fancy running around Hillingdon and Uxbridge...I'm kinda scared my trainers will get nicked :/ Basically I need to start living at Uni again and spending money on food...coz I kinda feel guilty not doing that :S I've just been really down the past few weeks about not being able to treat myself and spend any it's been nice spending money on myself for once instead of on food. Also, do you think I should include charity donations in my £10 a week budget!? I'll put a new poll up so you can all decide... Here's a couple of photos of my new books and my very pretty Peter Pan book :) So anyway, last week's budget was;
  • £5.00 - I sponsored my friend Ross who ran the Bath Half in aid of MERGE
  • £0.60 - A pack of Mentos
  • £1.10 - Car Park fee
= £6.70

Friday, 4 March 2011

Problems with my 'Ghetto' bum

My mum and I have been training for our Bupa 10,000 run in May. It's 10k's which is just over 6 miles. We're struggling. Ha! We're not the most athletic people in the world and in the past I have done everything possible to get out of doing sport...especially running. One time I was so determined not to do PE at school that I 'accidentally' lost a sock...and then myself and my bestie Emma spent the entire double period sitting in the showers pinging hairbands against the walls and playing 'MASH' to pass the time :P So yes, I'm not a big fan or sport. Or anything that needs real physical effort. Unless you're getting something out of it I don't see the point, I just don't enjoy it. I do however, enjoy swimming, tennis, sailing and ice skating. I skated for about 6 years, and completed grades 1-10 in ice-skating and got my bronze, silver and gold, and then I swam for about 8 years, and I completed all of my swimming 'badges' and survival things or whatever. I actually used to be really active...but then I got lazy and now I just do everything for fun every so often instead of every day of every week. 

But anyway, this 10k run is all for a good cause, so it's different...although that doesn't mean I'm enjoying the stitches, knee pain, period cramps and breathlessness thanks to my asthma. If anyone can tell me why exactly I get period pains every time I run...that would be most helpful!? It's rather annoying and painful having them when I don't even need them... I'm not exactly a natural runner...I'm asthmatic, I have knee problems, but worst of all, I have a 'ghetto' bum. The most painful and uncomfortable thing about this running thing is my bum wobbling every time I run. My 'ghetto' bum doesn't cause me any problems in day to day fact I actually like it. But's a nightmare! It seriously needs its own sports bra. At times its been so uncomfortable I've had to run along holding it. So if you happen to pass by the merrow/guildford area and see a girl wearing bright pink trainers clutching her's me. Wondering what a ghetto bum is? I'm not quite sure...but my flatmates last year exclaimed 'you've got a right ghetto bum!' when I was lying on the floor in the hallway one day (yes...this was a common occurance in Flat 52 in Gordon Hall). I think they mean it looks like a beyonce/JLO type of bum. Shame it's not as toned though. And I can't shake it like Beyonce can...believe me...I've tried. Emma will tell you. So yes that's how our training's going right now. I'll keep you updated...maybe the more I train the less my bum will wobble. Also...if anyone knows if there is such thing as a 'bum sports bra'...please let me know.