Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Surrey Times

The Surrey Times follow up article on my challenge is in the newspapers from today! If you live in the Surrey area you should get these papers delivered to your house for free...if not then you can view it on the

I'm pretty pleased with it...apart from my cheeks looking puffy in the photo lol! I guess you get that from living off £10 a week for 4 and a half months :P

I am basically half way through my challenge now (I think the official date is 15th Feb), so only another 4 and a half months to go! But that means only another 4 and a half months to donate and reach the £4000 target! :O
So far I've raised just over £ we've still got to raise about another £3300...come on people, you can do it...just £2.00...that's all it needs. The price of a cup of coffee or a large bar of chocolate...remember every little helps!

Surrey Times Article

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