Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Poundland is amazing. I bought a book from there last week....and it's actually a REALLY good book with an RRP of £12.99! I also got SIX bottles of water for £1.
Anyway, the amazing poundland aside, I also had my photo taken last week for another Surrey Times article. I wore my Tommy's - The Baby Charity fund-raising t-shirt and held the Home-Start money collector lol! The photographer was very nice and he said once the article's out I can email and ask them to send me the photos, so I'm looking forward to seeing them. The article will be in the Surrey Times this Wednesday, and is a follow up story on me...so those of you who live in Guildford, take a look in the paper that gets delivered to you for free on Wednesday :)
I've been enjoying spending the gift cards I got for Christmas as well, I used my HMV one to buy the Indiana Jones box set on DVD, and then for an extra £2.99 I got the Failure to Launch dvd. And I've also decided that as soon as I've finished this £10 a week challenge I'm buying the Alfred Hitchcock box set! And I spent my M&S voucher on a new bra :) not that you all needed to know that....

The sad news came through the media this week that Amanda Holden's baby boy was stillborn last week. She also had a miscarriage last year. It really isn't fair. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family x
My mum and I are running the Bupa London 10k run in May for Tommy's - The Baby Charity, to raise money for them so that they can carry out vital research and hopefully help them to obtain their goal of halving the number of babies who die during pregnancy and birth by 2030.



£1 - Book - Poundland
£1 - 6 bottles of water - Poundland
£2.99 - Failure To Launch DVD - HMV
86p - Ice Cream - Wimpy's :/
60p - Maltesers - Work vending machine :/

= £6.45

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