Monday, 31 January 2011

The God-daughter

Last week was such a good week. I went to my grandma's for a few days (I hadn't seen her since July!!) and got to see my lifelong best friend and pretty much sister, and also meet my 6 week old god-daughter Rosie Elin :) she's so gorgeous and I can't wait to spoil her rotten! :P
I always look forward to seeing Anna because we don't get to see eachother very often and I'm so happy for her and her fiance Allan, they've been through so much and really deserve to be happy. It was so lovely seeing how proud she was of her beautiful baby girl, and it was so nice having lots of cuddles with teeny tiny Rosie! She's so precious, I couldn't get over how tiny her fingers were...and she's so smiley! There are a couple of photos at the bottom for you to 'awwwwh' over...but next time I'm there I really want to get one of me, Anna and Rosie, I'm kinda sad I didn't get one last week of the three of us :(
To help make sure every baby is born as healthy, happy and beautiful as Rosie, and so that less parents have to go through losing a child before they have even met them and before they have had a chance to hold their child in their arms, please support Tommy's by donating via my Just Giving page;

I spent most of my budget last week on make-up and magazines lol. I'm one of these people who keeps foundation bottles with the thought 'if I become poor I can cut them up and use the little bits of leftover', so for once they came into use and I've been surviving for all these months on using the last bits of foundation in the bottles/pots! But unfortunately I ran out last week and just had to spend money on a new bottle. I didn't spend money on food last week because I was staying at my Grandma's, but when I looked in my freezer drawer and cupboard the other day, I realized how full they were! My cupboard is mainly full of porridge, pasta, rice and soup, and my freezer is mainly full of meals I've made in bulk and then frozen. So for the next few weeks I think I'm only going to be buying fridge basics like milk, crumpets, juice, yoghurt, fruit etc.

I also put a couple of posters up at the Spectrum Energy Level Gym where I work on Sundays, and also one at the Guildford Lido where I work on Saturdays. I'm hoping they'll reach out to more people and bring in more donations :)



£2.99 - 4 magazines - Sainsburys
£6.19 - Foundation - Sainsbury's
= £9.18

Me and Rosie x

Mummy and Baby x

She's so beautiful x

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