Thursday, 20 January 2011

Facebook and Twitter event a huge success!

The past week or so have been pretty amazing. Last week I spent under £6! As well as my amazing budgeting skills, I also created an event to try and raise more money for the charity, Hughes Syndrome Foundation. On Saturday 15th January (5 months to the date since Nakita died from Hughes), I asked all of my facebook friends to 'donate a status' for 24 hours, by re-posting their status as;
Not only did many of my friends join the event and participate, but they also invited all of their friends so in the end I had people who didn't even know me and my family re-posting their status to help raise awareness. Not only did complete strangers re-post their status, but a couple of them even donated! I'm so grateful to everyone who took part.

I would like to say an extra big thank you to everyone who has donated money as well as their status, remember every little helps! But I would like to especially mention the 2 big donators from the past week, my grandparents and family, who donated £50 plus gift aid to each charity, and also to Stephen Fry and his Tweet Team (YES! THE Stephen Fry!!!), for donating £200 plus gift aid to my Hughes Syndrome Foundation page! I was in complete shock and disbelief for hours after seeing Stephen Fry's donation. He is such an inspiration to me and I just love him, I love his television programmes, his films, his books and his blog, so I was over-joyed when I saw the donation from him and his tweet team. It literally made my day!

I really must stress how important it is to donate, even if it is only £1.50 or £2....whatever you can give will help as it all adds up and it all counts and I really am so grateful for every penny that is donated. Just think if everyone donated £1 or £2, we could help these charities do so much to help others. 

Also you'll have to forgive me for being slack on the posts lately, I've been working quite a bit and just completely forgot about this week's post! Although I only spent £5.81 this week, I'm very ashamed to admit I did have a Wimpy meal during my lunch break at work. BUT only because I forgot to take my own lunch and so a Wimpy meal was the quickest and cheapest option! 



£2.81 - Wimpy's Meal (my lunch at work...because I work at the Spectrum I get discount)
£1 - Bottle of water
£2 - I sponsored someone running the London marathon

= £5.81


My Hughes Syndrome Foundation page donations from just the past week;

So far, in total for all 4 charities, I have raised £671.17; 
(Only £3328.83 left to go before I reach my target!)

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