Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A cheaper version of 'Percy Pigs'!

So just in case you're confused because I'm posting on a Wednesday, this post is for last week, from the 4th to the 9th January. (I landed back in the UK on the 4th).

Well, my first week back in the UK was pretty uneventful. Apart from the mountain of work I had to do...4 essays which totalled to 9,500 words. I've done 3 of them and have handed those in, and I now have a 3500 word one to do for tomorrow :) ...yes, that's right...I'm procrastinating...again. So far I've only done 43 words out of 3500 :/
I think I'm going to stop writing what I eat all day must be pretty boring for you all? If you agree or disagree, comment on this post to let me know!
Because I've had all these essays to do, and because I can no longer afford top price confectionery, I had to find a cheaper alternative. Sainsbury's do packets of sweets for just 39p, so I found some that looked a bit like the more expensive M&S 'Percy Pigs'. They're called 'Eric the Elephants'....and O.M.G. They are...A-MAZING! I'm ashamed to say this, but they're even better than Percy Pigs!! And way cheaper too! So I suggest you try them out. They're so yummy and really helped me with my essays :P

This week I'll keep my post short and sweet.



1 Cheese sauce and 1 Carbonara sauce - £2.50 (it was 2 for £2.50) - Sainsburys
Basics natural yoghurt - 50p - Sainsburys
Butter - 62p - Sainsburys
Gnocchi - £1.40 - Sainsburys
Bread - 74p
Chicken and mushroom cup a soup and tomato cup a soup - £1 (it was 2 for £1) - Sainsburys
Deodorant - £1.09 - Sainsburys
Tomato pasta sauce - 82p - Sainsburys
'Eric the Elephant' sweets - 39p - Sainsburys

= £9.26

PS; I hate SPSS.

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