Thursday, 27 January 2011


So I'm posting a few days late, and should really get into the habit of posting on the Sunday or Monday instead of the Thursday after! So this post is for the week 17th-23rd January 2011.
It wasn't a very interesting week, I didn't do much, I worked all weekend, went to lectures during the week, and also realized how much food I have in my cupboards etc and so decided to treat myself to a few treats...which will not bode well with my hips :/



4 mince pies - 29p - Sainsburys
Fruit cake - £1 - Sainsburys
Crisps - 84p - Sainsburys
Yoghurts - £1.64 - Sainsburys
2 Chicken and Mushroom pies- £1 (it was 2 for £1)- Sainsburys
Hot chocolate - £1 - Work

= £5.77

And then I also bought a magazine but can't remember how much it was :(

Sorry for this super boring post. I just didn't have a very interesting week last week. I promise I will have a really good post next week though because I had an exciting week this week :)


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