Monday, 11 October 2010

Week 2

This week has been a bit weird, I haven't really been eating that much. I really am going to have to add more vegetables and meat to my diet! This week I'm going to have to try and eat more healthily.
I've still been finding it difficult to not buy everything in the shops whilst the sales have been on, and also to not buy snacks and a hot chocolate in between my lectures! I have found solace in making my own hot chocolate and reading magazine articles online instead of buying magazine. I think this week I will have to buy a flask to put my hot chocolate in for lectures..I wonder if Poundland sell them!? :P

To prevent myself from being lured into stores and their sale rails by the huge 50% off signs plastered all over town, I've decided to stay in while the sales are on, only venturing to the shops when I need food, and have found comfort in various things that have become strangely enjoyable to do every day. Luckily we have Sky, so I've recorded all the episodes of NCIS, Monk, Desperate Housewives, CSI, Criminal Minds etc. I've also gone back to reading quite a lot (you can find out my favourite books under the titles; 'Order of Favourite Books'), and today I re-discovered The Sims 3! Luckily I also have a large stash of dvds, so last week I watched a few of those. It was good to be able to watch Devil Wears Prada in English (I've only ever seen it in German before). I've had the dvd for a few months now, but just hadn't got round to watching it. 

I've been talking to my boyfriend on Skype and instead of texting we've been using MSN (I get both on my phone for free, as does he), we've had to put up with the awful signal with Skype, but with calls to Australia costing around 20p a minute, we don't really have any other option!
Oh, and I've been walking everywhere instead of getting the bus! It took me about 45minutes to walk into town the other day, and it takes about 20 minutes to walk to Uni. It is really scary when it's raining though, those cars go flying around the corners and there have been a couple of times when I thought they were going to skid right into me!



£1.10 - Bananas - Unifruit
£1.10 - Apples - Unifruit
83p - 1L Milk - Costcutter
£1 - Shampoo - Poundland
£1 - Conditioner - Poundland
£1 - Cereal Bars - Poundland
£2.55 - Posted a small package to Australia (at that price I won't be sending any more until June!)
60p - Galaxy bar - Work
60p - Skittles - Work

= £9.78


Lol! My diet this week was even worse than last week :S
This week I am determined to make it more healthy! So watch this space :P

Breakfast - 2 crumpets with butter
Lunch - Nothing - Wasn't hungry
Dinner - Rhubarb Crumble (Amy: 'You're having that...for dinner?') lol!
Snacks - TimTams

Breakfast - 2 crumpets with butter
Lunch - Creamy pasta with cheese, mushrooms and salami
Dinner - Same as above (leftovers)
Snacks - Apple and a yoghurt 

Breakfast - Natural Yoghurt with banana
Lunch -  Apple
Dinner - Creamy pasta with cheese, mushrooms and salami
Snacks - Nothing

Breakfast - Apple
Lunch - Pitta bread with olive oil&balsamic vinegar
Dinner - Bologneise (beef mince, tinned tomatoes with their juice, garlic, beef stock) with Penne pasta.
Snacks - Brunchbar and a yoghurt

Breakfast - Cereal - Apricot wheats with milk
Lunch - Apple and yoghurt
Dinner - (Went home Friday so had dinner at home).
Snacks - Nothing

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