Monday, 18 October 2010

Tommy's - National Baby Loss Awareness Day

You know how you get these page, event and group suggestions on facebook? And you know how most of the time they don't relate to you, so you just ignore them? Well I was sent an invitation to an event that happened a few days ago, and I didn't really take any notice of it until today...I clicked on it just now, and realised that it relates to my fundraising. It was an event invitation to 'Wave of Light' 15th October National baby loss awareness day, I don't know if this 'National' awareness day is in the US or UK, but it seems that people from all over the world have joined this event, and this obviously relates to the fact I am fundraising for Tommy's, the baby charity who raise money to fund research and awareness into miscarriage, stillbirth and premature births. I never truly realised how many women actually lost babies, until I clicked on this event page....there must be thousands of comments on there, all women and men paying tribute to not only their own 'Angel Babies' but to friends and family members' babies too. Seeing these tributes brought tears to my eyes, it terrifies me that this is so common! Parents should never have to lose a child, and I hope that in the future, when I myself am ready to have children, and when my children have children, that this will be more of a 'less common' occurrence. I scrolled down the page, reading the comments, and there was a video link on one. I clicked on it, and after watching it I decided I needed to post on my blog about it. I hope to write more posts on my blog about all of the charities, not only to raise awareness, but so that people know I haven't just 'picked' these charities for the sake of it...they all mean something to me and they all deserve so much help! I know so many women who have lost babies, and after seeing what they have been through, seeing all of these tributes on this event page and watching that video...I feel Tommy's need all the donations they can get. We need to help cut down the numbers of these 'Angel Babies', and help raise the number of 'Living Babies'. No parent should have to lose a child no matter how small, and it seems that it is the most unbearable pain and loss a person and parent can go through, just reading the tributes breaks my heart, and I hope more than anything that in the future miscarriage and stillbirth will become 'rare' instead of something that most woman go through at some point in her life. So in memory of all those babies named on the facebook page, and all of the 'angel' babies in the world, please give generously to Tommy's! After all, like Dr Seuss said...'A person's a person, no matter how small.'

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