Sunday, 3 October 2010

1 Week Down - 39 Weeks to go!!

Sunday evening, the end of my first week...only 39 to go!
I think this week has been very successful, but I have to admit my mum did help me by buying me a shop the week before I started. This week has broken me in gently, I've only really had to buy last minute things I forgot to buy before Monday, and a couple of sneaky treats as well :P
I did find it very hard to walk past stores advertising their sales and not go in and spend money, whereas usually I would just walk into a store and most of the time I would buy something. Even if I didn't like it that much, I would buy it because it was on sale and then take it back later and get a refund when I'd realized how stupid I'd been. So in a way I guess this is going to be good for me :)


£1 - 3 bottles of water&1 can of Vimto - Poundland (4 for £1 deal)
£3 - 2 tupperware containers for my cereal and pasta and 1 wall chart. - Poundland
£1 - Sainso's lemonade (it was cheaper to buy lemonade from Sainso's and get parking there for free than it was to pay for parking in a car park in Ux.)
60p - bag of maltesers
£2.19 - Maccas happy meal (I was up in Central for an interview and needed something cheap!)
60p - Yorkie chocolate bar at work
£1 - Car park fee

Total = £9.39

This week is going to be tougher because I need to re-fill my fridge with things like milk, juice etc so I won't be able to waste money on chocolate, maccas and tupperware containers! I think it'll be good to break myself in gently so hopefully in a few weeks time when I need to fill my freezer it won't be such a shock.


My diet hasn't been very good this week, I've found it hard getting back into cooking after 4 months of not having to cook. I'm also more of a fruit person than a vegetable person, and I have a VERY sweet tooth, so I have been taking my vitamins everyday as well!
So here is my shockingly poor diet;

Breakfast - Cereal - Apricot Wheats with milk
Lunch - 2 fried eggs in breakfast muffins
Dinner - Jacket Potato with butter&cheese
Snacks - tub of blueberries, and a couple of party rings left over from last week

Breakfast - Cereal - Apricot Wheats with milk
Lunch - 2 crumpets with butter
Dinner - 3 Pork&Apple sausages with Carrots, Beans, Peas, Sweetcorn and Cauliflower.
Snacks - Banana

Breakfast - Cereal - Apricot Wheats with milk
Lunch -  (I had breakfast very late)
Dinner - Jacket Potato with butter, cheese and a can of Tuna
Snacks - Banana

Breakfast - Cereal - Apricot Wheats with milk
Lunch - McDonalds Happy meal - Nuggets&Chips with a coke
Dinner - Can't recall eating dinner?
Snacks - 3 TimTams

Breakfast - Cereal - Apricot Wheats with milk
Lunch - 2 crumpets with butter
Dinner - (Went home Friday so had dinner at home).
Snacks - Dried Cranberries and Macadamia nuts (which I opened in the middle of a lecture and half of them flew all over the lecture hall!!)

Also, do you think I should put each week what my weight and BMI is to see if I lose or gain weight!? And, do you think it would be a good idea to put my blood pressure and pulse rate on here at the end of each week to see if that is effected?
Please let me know what you all think!

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